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The Local Economy

(This information is provided by the Deepings Business Club on behalf of Deepings First)

We will provide details of the number, types and locations of businesses currently within the area and also touch on other employers such as schools, local authorities and non-profit organisations. We will then establish what enablers are required for the local economy to thrive and grow in a manner that enhances the local community whilst continuing to provide sufficient job opportunities for the growing population. We aim to identify “roadblocks” and highlight enablers so that businesses and local authorities can identify what is required to stimulate the local economy.

We will use data from various sources, local experts and targeted surveys to support our findings.

We intend to split this topic group into four sub-sections:

  • Industry
  • Retail
  • Leisure & Tourism
  • Service sector.

It is appreciated that some businesses will overlap these segments, but we feel the topic will be easier to develop and understand within these sectors, each of which is likely to have different enablers and roadblocks.

If you run or are directly involved within the local economy, whether that be the managing director of an SME, or a sole trader operating from home, we would greatly value your input. Please feel free to contact the topic leader Andy Pelling directly (, or fill in our short survey which can be found in the Documents section of the website. Alternatively, Andy can supply you with a hard copy or you can complete the survey online.