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 Health Leisure and the Arts

Our Aim is for the Deepings to be recognised as a Healthy Neighbourhood

Our Focus:

Securing the long-term health and well-being of individuals, families and our community is at the heart of the Neighbourhood Plan development process.

Our Vision:

1. The Deepings will be a more attractive place to live, work and play.
2. The Deepings will have a peaceful set of neighbourhoods with lively social networks.
3. The Deepings will be a good place to grow up and grow old in, supporting healthy behaviours and reducing health inequalities.

Our Objectives for Health, Well-being and Leisure, include activities that ensure:

  • A range of good quality, well-designed homes for all ages and circumstances to support people to be independent for as long as possible, and encouraging responsible citizenship
  • Safe, accessible, well-planned and maintained green spaces, parks, gardens, pavements, footpaths, retail locations interconnected to encourage walking, buggy pushing, cycling
  • All public paths and amenities are suitable for access by mobility scooter users
  • A well-integrated transport infrastructure to minimise car use and improve air quality
  • Good local health and social care provision to prevent the development of ill health wherever possible, and support a reduction in hospital admissions from this area
  • A wide range of social, leisure, sports and Arts activities to encourage community cohesion, physical activity and good mental health – also to prevent loneliness
  • Management of the numbers and locations of unhealthy fast-food outlets and national chain companies – promoting public spaces in keeping with the conservation values of the area
  • A buoyant economy through designated locations that provide a wide range of local employment opportunities, encouraging business investment and development
  • A coherent ‘healthy life-style’ and environmental education programme for adults and children – with pride in the example set by those with influence across the Deepings.
  • This to run in conjunction to the development of land use to ensure continuation of the Healthy Neighbourhood legacy for future generations.

To meet these Objectives, we are currently working on two major Projects:

1. The Deepings Green Walk Policy see more at
2. The Deepings new Leisure and Arts Centre proposal – under consultation