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Health and Wellbeing

HealthCare in the Deepings                 


The population of the combined community of Market Deeping and Deeping St. James (currently around 15,000) is scheduled to increase further by approximately 2000 more people over the next 5 years. 

This growth represents a 14% increase in residents from 2016 data and is largely due to the allocation of 800 more homes to be built within the area.  It is also due to a small anticipated increase in household size due to a rising birth rate for the area as more family homes are being built, alongside a trend for more young people to remain living in the family home as adults. 

The Census population data indicates in 2011 we had a total of 13,059 residents for the area.  The current figures indicate this has already increased by approximately 14% in the five years between 2011 to 2016 – due mainly to rapid housing development. 

Current and planned population growth between the 10 year Census period 2011-2021 is therefore expected to be around 30%.  The big challenge for the Deepings Community is to ensure we positively promote healthy environments and have access to excellent healthcare provision for the current and future population whilst remaining efficient and effective in our vision

Housebuilding is contributing to a continued growth in population in The Deepings
Housebuilding is contributing to a continued growth in population in The Deepings

Market Deeping/Deeping St James age profile (latest figures from 2011 Census data)

Market Deeping:
Deeping St. James:

As the population grows, it is anticipated that the age profile will remain the same or similar – i.e we are planning the positive integration of another 400 children, 1100 working age adults, and 500 older adults – though this is partly dependent on the type and range of new homes being approved to build and may also guide us to the type needed.  

Future-proofing the health and care provision for all residents of The Deepings requires careful consideration and a commitment to forward planning if additional land is required to meet the health and well-being needs of the community. 

Although the health and wellbeing of each individual is dependent on a number of factors, the related demands on healthcare services can be affected by several issues, notably:

  • The age profile of a community
  • Individual health issues
  • Healthy housing design and beneficial area planning
  • The economic health of the family and the local community
  • Accident /crime prevention and reduction of risks within the community
  • Access (location and waiting times) to primary Health and Care services.
  • Good nutrition, and access to health-promoting activities (sports and social)
  • A positive health-focused culture within the community
  • Personal and community responsibility for reducing isolation (neighbourliness)
  • Other factors

Local Healthcare provision

The primary centre for local Health Care provision is the Deepings Practice.  It provides core NHS services under a Personal Medical Services contract and is a member of the South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.  Market Deeping services operate within the Lincolnshire NHS Health and Care Service.

The nearest major general hospital and Accident and Emergency provision is Peterborough City Hospital, approximately 15-20 minutes away and is extremely busy.  Stamford Hospital offers treatment for minor injuries 8 miles to the West of the Deepings.

Health and Wellbeing

The Deepings Practice currently has around 20,209 registered patients from the Deepings and, in addition to residents of Market Deeping and Deeping St. James, includes residents of outlying villages: West Deeping, Deeping Gate, Deeping St. Nicholas.

The Practice partnership comprises ten Partners and three salaried doctors under the lead of Dr Chaudhry.  Team encouragement of individual doctors’ interests ensures the centre has developed a wide range of patient services. 

The Deepings Practice has recently upgraded and extended its service to include the potential for ‘out of hours’ provision during evenings and weekends.  There is also a newly built operating theatre to manage elective day surgery, recovery room and additional consulting rooms.

In addition to the Deepings Practice, there is a range of private health services: two dentists’ practices, two opticians, two osteopaths and a Community Centre that accommodates private providers of podiatry and chiropody, acupuncture, psychotherapy, Holistic therapy, Sports massage and Personal Training. 

There is also a Sports Centre based at the Deepings Secondary School, and well-equipped gym.  Other local sports and recreational provision is outlined in the relevant chapter/s.

For older people who are no longer able to live independently or who have additional needs, the Deepings has a small number of communal living facilities and offers the choice of three residential care and nursing homes.

Lincolnshire NHS Health and Care

The county-wide aim for Lincolnshire Health and Care “ is to achieve really good health for the people of Lincolnshire with support from an excellent and accessible health and care service delivered within our financial allocation.”

Planned changes in Health Care practice outlined in the Vision for the Lincolnshire Sustainability and Transformation Plan focus on a greater reliance on home monitoring that will lead to individuals being supported to take greater responsibility for their own health, i.e. managing long-term conditions and making healthy life-style choices.  This will arise through the use of digital applications and a multi-professional team with the expectation of fewer visits to the Health Centre and to the local hospitals.

Health and Wellbeing

Planning Ahead – Developing a Healthy Town

The focus of the Deepings Neighbourhood Plan is to establish policy and practice that places the well-being of individuals, families and the community at the heart of the Planning development process.  To this end, an extensive local survey was undertaken in the summer of 2016 to establish the views of the community.  The survey yielded 658 responses and provides a valuable insight into the wishes of the community. 

The overall top aspect as needing improvement identified by 25.8% of the respondents came out as Doctors/Dentists.  The main concern cited was the lengthy waiting times for an appointment and also included a request for NHS dentists.

Given the pressure on the Deepings Practice that already exists from a fast growing population, and the aim of the Lincolnshire Health and Care Service to encourage greater individual responsibility for self-management, it seems timely to ensure that all aspects of the Deepings environment are assessed and planned to maximise good health and well-being – now and for the future.

Review of the NHS Healthy Town initiative 2010-14 has helped to identify a range of strategies to promote healthier lives through encouragement of beneficial activity, healthy travel options, and healthy food.  This information is informing the national development of healthy places to live by establishing ten Healthy New Towns across the country through considerate planning of homes, green spaces, infrastructure, employment, and social provision. 

The Healthy Town programme has a radical new approach to shaping the built environment with a core objective: “To develop new and more effective ways of shaping new towns, neighbourhoods and strong communities that promote health and wellbeing, prevent illness and keep people independent.”

Our plans for health and well-being in the Deepings are ambitious, going beyond requesting a reduction in waiting times for a doctor’s appointment, to the development of the whole local environment in a way that encourages and supports healthy living lifestyle choices so that resources are utilised effectively and our doctors only need to see those in greatest need of medical assistance.