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Role of the Education Topic Group

We will inform the Plan with information on the existing educational provision currently within the Deepings and highlight within the Plan the legal requirement on the Local Education Authority, Lincolnshire County Council, to ensure that sufficient school places are available by building or extending schools to meet local demand.

The Local Education Authority seeks contributions from housing developers to increase provision of school places via section 106 agreements in all areas where existing local schools cannot accommodate new pupils within their existing permanent capacity. In the case of new homes Lincolnshire Local Education Authority uses a ratio that presumes that 100 new homes will generate an average increase of 20 primary pupils and 19 secondary aged pupils.


There are four Primary Schools and one Secondary School in the Deepings in 2018:

School name Type of School Number of pupils on roll (2018 Department for Education census)
The Deepings School Secondary Academy Converter 1506
Deeping St James Community Primary School Maintained School 215
Linchfield Community Primary School Maintained School 436
Market Deeping Community Primary School Maintained School 255
William Hildyard Church of England Primary and Nursery School Voluntary Aided School 211


Reflect in the Neighbourhood Plan the need for the Local Education Authority to be consulted early enough in the planning process, on every occasion, to ensure that they have the opportunity to put forward a case for section 106 funding.

Highlight in the Neighbourhood Plan any further requirements that protect and enhance the provision of educational places in the Deepings, in relation to planning policies.