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Main Submission Documents

The Deepings Draft Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version revised 3 June 2020

The Deepings Draft Neighbourhood Plan Draft Version revised October 2019

Map of Neighbourhood Plan Area


Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement The Deepings v2

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4

Main Submission Appendices

Appendix A – Important Open Space (IOS) Maps

Appendix B Local Green Spaces (LGS) Justification and Maps

Appendix C Protected Green Lane Justification

Appendix D Deepings Green Walk Summary

Appendix E – Parking Standards

Appendix F Collated DNP Policies

Appendix G List of Supporting documents

Appendix H List of Reference documents

Appendix I Extensive Urban Survey

Appendix J Background Report on Mill Field for NPlan 

Appendix K Woody Heights Justification

Supporting Documents

(see appendix G above)

Char. A1. Background Report – Character Areas 01.02.2020

Char. A2. Background Report – Appendix 3 -The assessment and maps 01.02.20

Char. B. Character Assessment Survey Nov 2017

Con 1 – Consultation Survey Responses 2016 

Con 2 -Draft Vision and Objectives circulated within Deepings Advertiser 

Con 3 – Topic Consutlation Survey Questions February 2019 

Con 4 – Analysis of responses Feb 2019 Survey 

Con 5 – Draft Neighbourhood Plan Consultation document 2019

Con 6 – Draft DNP Consultation Responses 2019 

Gen 1 Deepings-Profile-Jan-2018-long-with-illustrations

Gen 2 Deepings-profile-Jan-2018-V3-short

GI1 Deepings Green Walk Policy – Background Document 02.02.20

GI2 Appendix 2 – Deepings Green Walk record of first Consultation

GI3 Appendix 3 – Best Walking Neighbourhood Award

H1- Background Document – Residential Parking & Garage Standards 12.02.2020

H2 – Housing topic paper 04.11.2018 

H3 – Self Build Demand 20.09.2018 

H4 – Market and affordable housing demand 2017-20.02.2020

LE1. Retail Sector Analysis

LE2. Service Sector analysis

LE3. Industry Sector Analysis

LE4. Leisure & Visitor Economy Sector Analysis

LE5. Local Economy and Emplyment Analysis 

LE6. Shortcomings with the SKDC ELS 2015

LE7. Hard’s Lane as Employment Site Justification 

LE8. Letter from Advanced Handling

LE9. Letter from Terry Wright Cycles

LE10. Lost Sites