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About The Neighbourhood Plan


What is the Process of Creating a Neighbourhood Plan?

There is a set process that a community must adhere to in order to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. The process and the intended timetable for the Deepings Neighbourhood Plan is shown in the timeline on the front page. At the heart of the Neighbourhood Plan process is community consultation; a plan cannot be produced successfully without inclusive consultation with local residents and key stakeholders such as businesses, land owners and visitors to the area. The Neighbourhood Plan must also be approved by an independent examiner and it can then only be brought into force following a majority vote at referendum by local residents of the Neighbourhood
Plan Area.

Neighbourhood Plan Area

The Neighbourhood Plan covers the areas of Market Deeping Town and Deeping St James Parish, as indicated on this map:


Who will lead the Plan?

Neighbourhood planning is designed to be led by the local community. A Neighbourhood Plan can only be prepared by a Parish or Town Council. In areas where there is no Parish or Town Council, a Neighbourhood Forum can lead on coordinating the Neighbourhood Plan. In the case of the Deepings the two parishes of Market Deeping and Deeping St James have come together with the two parishes being designated as a single Neighbourhood Planning area. The two parish Councils are the joint qualifying body and have formed a group of local people to represent the two communities. If you wish to be involved in helping the development of the Neighbourhood Plan please contact us.

How a Neighbourhood Plan will benefit The Deepings

The Deepings Neighbourhood Plan can be used for the following purposes:

  • Developing a shared vision for our community
  • Choosing where new homes, shops, offices and other development should be built
  • Defining preferences for the mix of housing types in any new development
  • Identifying and protect important local green spaces
  • Protecting and enhancing the historic and community assets within our parishes

A Neighbourhood Plan will give the community of Market Deeping and Deeping St James a new way
of influencing planning decisions that are made in the parishes and it will also be used to guide
future growth up to 2036. By having a Neighbourhood Plan, we will have a legally enforceable way of
controlling and influencing some aspects of future development in our parishes.

If we do not have a Neighbourhood Plan, the South Kesteven Local Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework will be used to determine planning applications.

With a Neighbourhood Plan, we also get a greater share of Community Infrastructure Levy monies to spend on community projects and priorities.

Who will pay for the Plan?

Funding is available to help support local communities producing Neighbourhood Plans, from both central government and various other sources, such as Locality and the National Lottery. We have made a successful application to Locality for some funding to assist with the development of the Plan and will make further applications in due course. More information about the work of Locality is available on their website.